Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello. It has been a really long time since I last posted right? Well, it's because I went overseas to Taiwan. And it was awesome(: Yes so I went overseas for 12 days. And we were like in a tour group and we travelled the whole of Taiwan, from Gaoxiong to Taipei. And I bought new clothes and other stuff. So yup it was really fun. So I shall describe some of the fun stuff that happened on this trip^^

FLYING.COW.RANCH. We had this farm stay at a flying cow ranch. Okay I personally find the name a little weird but it was basically a farm with animals like cows, goats, ducks, rabbits and butterflies. So we got to do stuff like milk the cows, feed milk to the baby cows, feed grass to the goats, feed grass to the rabbits and we got to like take care of a lamb for 5 minutes and we could do whatever we wanted with the lamb. Yup it was really cool. And we got free milk and we ate milk steamboat.
LIU.FU.CUN. Okay so this was a theme park. And it was really huge. So I mean I like theme parks so yup I definitely had fun there. And I was amazed at my brother who went on like so many rollercoasters and wasn't scared. Okay he was probably protecting his man's ego but yeah, I find it rather cool. And my brother was really excited that he didn't want to leave. As for me, I'm proud of myself for sitting 2 rides. One being something like viking but it goes upside down. So yup your legs will be dangling there and everything is upside down. The second one is like a cart with 2 people that goes up really high and comes down on a slide and splashes into water. Okay usually I'm not scared when I ride those but this one was really scary, like the whole cart was in mid-air.

Okay I will stop sharing here. Goodbyes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hehe I have not posted in a long time. And 2 things happened recently. So I shall start by saying the first one.
My family and I went to Universal Studios on Sunday(: It was really fun and the decorations was just so pretty. So we sat on the rollercoasters, watched some random shows and just ended the day with a blast. Sadly, the biggest ride was closed so there weren't many fun rollercoasters. Nevertheless, it was really cool(: And I'm so proud of my brother who sat on a ride (make that 2 rides) without getting scared when I myself was a little scared. Haha I'm guessing that he's just protecting his man's ego but for someone so young to last through such a ride, well I find it pretty neat.
Okay here's the next one. And it was my one-and-only church camp, DEFINYTION(: It lasted for 3 days and it was awesome^^ Short but really really sweet. Yup we had lots of fun and we learnt a lot more stuff about God. The worship, prayer and praise was just amazing. More importantly, there were many defining and God-encountering moments. My faith is now up high and hopefully it will remain there. I thank my awesome group Azure 7 for spending these 3 days with me. And I got convinced by God that I should sign up for worship team so I will be trying out for the keyboard. Hopefully I can get in because I really feel the need to serve God after my CH failure.
Okay so Christmas Cantata is coming up(: But sadly I will be overseas. Anyone interested in God's grace? Do leave a message(:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello! It has been quite a while since I last posted. And that is basically because there is nothing much to post): Well life hasn't been that exciting this week so I guess that I will just summarise what I did over the days. Yup, so here it goes(:

0512 SUNDAY we watched Riverdance(: And so it was at Marina Bay Sands and it is basically a tap dancing concert. And it was quite enjoyable because the dancers were just totally awesomeeee^^
0612 MONDAY and it was my birthday(: Sadly, there was still piano lesson. Then, we stayed at home to celebrate with a tiny piece of cake. And we shared chips too.
0712 TUESDAY stayed at home all day and played games with my brother. And then in the evening, everyone gathered to play board games that we have not played in a really long time, such as oh-awesome-cluedo.
0812 WEDNESDAY and it was my brother's birthday(: So we went to our cousin's house and we played mahjong there and then we watched our cousin's dance performance then we went to eat at SOGURT and it was really delicious. My first time eating at Sogurt^^
0912 THURSDAY and my sister and I went to CCSS and I went for piano lesson. So now i'm typing this blogpost(:

Well, life wasn't really exciting as you can tell... But I got to chat with Cheryl today on online chat(: Yay and she will be going overseas tomorow. Goodbyes Cheryl and have loads of fun okay?
And since I currently have nothing to say, I, Kai shall sign off here.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams~
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello! I have finally returned to post about my Escape Theme Park experience which occured on the 30th of December. Well, since it has been a terribly long time since I went to some amusement park, all the rides seemed to be really scary! Like the really tiny rollercoaster which was atmost within 7m (?) height from the ground. Yup, that was quite scary I should say, or rather I should put it as a feel-like-your-head-is-going-to-get-yanked-off-your-body-and-your-body-is-going-to-fly-out-of-the-roller-coaster-cart experience!

But the most miraculous and amazing thing, I felt, that happened during the Escpae Theme Park experience was the fact that I sat on viking! Okay see right, like a few years back, I sat on viking. Not those big ones though. And I was really freaked out by it. Thus, I developed what I would call a phobia of viking. So since I am so wowed by that experience, I shall name this post as the: How to overcome your phobia of viking!

Okay I think that many people have a fear of viking (is it?). Basically it gives you some sort of scary feeling like you are going to drop out of the ship any moment. Haha actually I figured that it is quite easy to overcome your phobia of viking. Just start from the middle and start moving backwards. It's that simple(: Haha but once you try it out yourself it won't be as easy as it sounds. Hence I have developed some basic tips on viking that some of us may need if we are scared.

1. Close your eyes. (Okay this is what I would call the first instinct that most would have if they feel scared. But what's the point?)
2. Scream really loudly like nobody's business. (Haha I strongly agree to this because this is basically what I always do(: )
3. Ask the viking person to stop the viking. (Strongly NOT RECCOMENDED because you can't be so selfish as to disappoint the other people who are enjoying the viking experience right?)

Well, the main point is to just get used to the viking feeling. Just imagine yourself on a big swing(: (quoted from someone). Haha. Well, I'm proud to say that I finally got to sit viking again after a long time. And even though I practically screamed and screamed throughout the ride, it was really still quite fun(: And yes I shall still admit that I have not overcome my fear yet. But it will be overcome soon, really soon(: Just you wait(: FIGHTING.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello! I am really excited now so I am posting again even though I just posted 2 days ago. See right, I just collected my phone from the MRT control station(: YAYAY(: And you're right about this being the same phone which dropped through the MRT platform gap. Yup I'm happy that I will still have a phone. I really missed it): Hahaha but it survived(: and I'm glad to say that all of my phones must be shock-resistant^^
Kekeke I know that I am not making much sense and that you are all interested in knowing more about that statement up there (yucks I'm just so shameless sometimes!) and since I am currently kind of bored, I shall elaborate on what I meant. So, basically, all of my phones had bad history. Bad history meaning that my phones were constantly dropped on the floor (well by me of course). AND, almost all of my phones, well, DIED on me! (except for one, one mighty one) Let me now elaborate on how each one of them died.

Phone 1 - Left it in the pocket of my pants and my pants entered straight into the washing machine and the story goes on!
Phone 2 - The mighty phone which survived until now^^
Phone 3 - Dropped it into a wet bathtub.
Phone 4 - My current phone which will hopefully survive in my hands because it apparently belongs to my sister. My mom is kind of pissed that I keep spoiling my phones so I borrowed my sister's(:

Hmmm... So right, I better be more careful with my current phone because if it spoils again, my mom's not going to get me a new phone! Wish me luck(:
CONCLUSION: My phone survived so just keep to my current phone number.
I will be posting again really soon because I realised that I have not mentioned anything about the ESCAPE.THEME.PARK experience because the word 'phone' keeps unknowingly popping up here and there in my head! So remember to check back again.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This advice comes from me who has had the worst experience anyone could have in a MRT. So this is basically for all those people who love using their handphones in MRTs, especially if you like to stand near the doors of the MRT.
So I shall first start by recalling about the terrible accident. Let's imagine a scenario at peak hour when the MRT is crowded and you so happen to be standing near the door of the MRT while sms-ing some random person and using one hand to hold your phone only. Just then, you arrive at some random station and some random person tries to squeeze through the crowd to get out of the MRT and pushes you (or should I say your hand?) while doing so. However, he pushed really hard until you lose grip of your phone and you watch your phone soar down the MRT platform gap into pitch darkness...
Yup so you can basically picture how shocked you will be standing there, staring at the platform gap with your mouth formed into an embarrassing 'O' shape and everyone is staring at you. So, this calls for desperate advice from me(:

1. Always hold your phone veryveryveryveryveryvery tightly with 2 hands^^
2. Maintain a safe distance away from the MRT doors.

Haha I bet that advice no. 1 seems to be the most sensible one(:
Anyways, please do not sms/call me for the time-being while I try to get a new phone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello! I am back again. But I thought that this was really important so I decided not to delay it further. After all, it could be a difference between a win and a not-win!
Okay so this is for all asian KPOP fans. The poll for the 2010 Golden Disk Award's "Favorite song and singer" have opened and you can now cast your vote. The sad part is that you can only vote once so do vote wisely(: Also do take note that there is an end to the voting as stated in the link so don't be too late(: Credits goes to here!